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I guess that the grading was sub par. The landscapers (day laborers) came by and made a trough in the back so the water will run down to the sides of the house then out to the street. It would be so much easier to just put some drains in the back yard and run them to the street or the sewer. Oh well, some engineer is making big bucks to come up with stupid plans. Then the landscapers came by later this afternoon and started to pour the rocks around our landscaping. We requested that they rock the entire backyard (what there is of one) as we will be putting in a deck in the near future. They didn’t complete the task and will be back tomorrow morning.      

Trip To IKEA

We have been contemplating going to IKEA all last week and decided to make today “IKEA Day”. We have been looking at for a wall unit/entertainment center for the living room. The wall that we are planning on using has 111” of space available. We figured that the modular units that IKEA sells would be a good place to start. Here is a picture of what we currently have: As you can see, the wall currently looks like shit. That is about to change. So, as you know, we went to IKEA today and we found three units that we both liked. Scratch that, we actually found two that we liked and one that we kinda of sorta liked but not enough to post a picture here on my blog. Do you think you can tell which unit we bought? To help you make your choice, remember that our hardwood floors are dark and the walls are a beige color. This unit is totally modular so you can make it fit your lifestyle. We like the way that it is suspended off of the floor.     We like this one also. The glass fronts

Computer Loft Complete!

Once you start unpacking it is hard to stop. Case in point: Once my study was setup, Michelle and I decided to setup the “personal” computer area that we designated in the loft. We had the house prewired with CAT5 so we have three ports in the loft along (smart thinking huh?). Of course, we have some extra AC Adapters that we have no idea where they go. We will find out where they go in the future (in a galaxy far, far away)… The desks you see below were the same ones that we had before. We just added an additional desk and corner piece to each one. Now we have twice+ the original size for more money.          

All Moved In & Partially Unpacked

It has been a few days since we moved in. Comcast came out yesterday and hooked up our internet, phone and TV. It seems that our network speed has improved to 50mbs download and 14mbs upload. NICE! Sorry to hear about Robin Williams. Our thoughts go out to his family. He will definitely be missed! Back to us now We have been busy unpacking, going to Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes, Starbucks (just found the espresso machine today) Ace Hardware, King Soopers, Applebees, Lowes, Post Office (to pickup our mailbox keys). Not to mention hanging curtains and blinds as well as installing a new 4 prong dryer cord (three prong wall sockets are a thing of the past). We need a vacation from our vacation so we can relax. This is probably the longest that we have sat down in the past three days. We know you have been waiting for pictures so, here they are! We got sod today! Semi-unboxed and put away kitchen   Landscapers at work Yes, these are the s

Get Moving

Today is the day we move! Well, we better move. Two Men & A Truck have already charged my bank card for the move. They are supposed to be arriving at 8am. All boxed up and ready to move! The following pictures are just a sample of the crap, oops, I mean stuff that is packed.     We could have never have purchased the new house if it wasn’t for Will and Joni Medina! They rented their wonderful home to for over two years and we are extremely grateful to them both. We will miss the house on 130th Place!

House Insurance

D’OH! Got a call from our lender today reminding me that I need to get house insurance before we close on Friday. I totally blew this off. I got in touch with the recommended insurance broker, AmericanHome Insurance (who shares the same name as our lender, AmericanHome Mortgage), for a price quote. The quote seems kind of high, $984 per year. I swear that our home in CA was at least half that. I questioned the cost and was told that prices have gone up due to the past flooding and fires. Uh, that is not my fault. We had to have something in place or we couldn’t close on Friday. I will call our car insurance company and see what kind of price they can come up with. The new insurance is Allied. Allied is part of Nationwide (Nationwide is on your side). Hopefully USAA (our car insurance) can do better.  

New House Drop By

Of course we stopped by the house today. Most likely this will be the last time that we stop by before the final walk and closing. I don’t know why I say things like that. You and I know that it is complete bullshit. Let’s pretend that is is the last time. I won’t tell if you won’t tell. Or is that, I’ll show you mine if you so me yours. The foam padding and carpet saran wrap have been lifted from the flooring. There are a couple stains on the carpet (looks like mud) that were not there the other day. I am sure that they will clean that up. I don’t think that there will be any surprises in store for us. Unless, somebody (maybe you) decide to put a deck in the backyard for us as a house warming gift. Wouldn’t that be cool. You can do it anonymously if you like. We want solid, natural wood with clear stain. Oh, we want railing around the perimeter as well as a couple of steps down to the dirt/rock below. Might as well throw in a gate too. This is the kind of deck that we

95% Done Packing

We figured that we would save the best for last…The kitchen! I had guestimated that it would take about three hours to pack up the kitchen. Boy was I wrong. We were going to start packing the kitchen at 9am this morning but we forgot that we need to break down the Sleep Number Bed. Damn there is a lot of parts for that bed. Foam inserts, modular bed frame, more foam, more slats etc, etc. Took a good hour to do that. So, we started on the kitchen around 10am and finally got done around 3:45pm. Of course we took a break for lunch (Taco Bell) and a breather now and then. Michelle cleaned as she went so the cupboards are all clean! We have two of the following to get us through the week: bowls, coffee mugs (Kreuig this week - no espresso), knives, forks and spoons. We also kept out a saucepan and fry pan. Most likely will do Lean Cuisines and or BB-Q this week to make it easy.

Almost Done Packing

I have been writing and writing about the new house, I never stopped to write anything about packing up the existing house. We have been slowly packing for the past few weeks but now it is crunch time. Today is Saturday, August 2nd and we move on the 8th at 8am. We have a lot of it packed up already: Basement:        Packed (less the big screen TV) 2nd Bedroom:        Packed 3rd Bedroom:        Packed Living Room:        Packed Comp Room:        Packed Garage:                Packed The kitchen will be packed tomorrow. So, what is left you ask? The schnibbles and knickknacks that are here, there and everywhere. One thing is for sure, we thought ahead and bought plenty of boxes. We actually ran out of box tape and we are about out of wrapping paper. Luckily there is a Self Storage place up the street and they sell U-Haul packaging supplies. Here are a few shots of the progress at the existing house:   More to come…stay tuned…