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Christmas In Downtown Denver

 COVID Fatigue sucks...BIG TIME Guess what?  Mike's Camera has our Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 Wide Angle Lens on sale!  We have been waiting for the lens to come on sale.   I called Mike's Camera in Wheatridge, Colorado and our good friend, Jeff stated that he could get his hands on a couple of the lenses in a couple of hours.  Jeff (as always) didn't disappoint us.  The Mike's Camera team are awesome.  Why go anywhere else right? We picked up the lenses and headed to downtown Denver for a little street photography.   With masks on, we braved the semi crowded Larimer Square while on our way to Union Station via the 16th Street Mall. Our goal was to shoot Union Station at night was we just walked around snapping away. We found a really old courthouse building, Bryon White that must have missed many a times in our previous walks.  Wide angle photography at it's best! Off to Union Station! The temperature started to fall fast so we headed back to the car.   I don't know w