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Our New House

Did I fail to mention that we are buying a house? Michelle and I have been searching and searching for a home to buy. We flip flopped on buying new or used, farther away from Michelle’s work or closer. We looked in Aurora, Commerce City, Brighton, Denver and Westminster. Guess what? We ended up buying a new home right here in Thornton. The new house is two miles north of here. Being that close is nice as we can basically visit anytime we want to check the progress of the house. The house is a two story with full finished basement (actually making the house a three story). 3 1/2 Bath and 4 Bedrooms. We kind of stumbled upon these homes while we were driving around looking a different housing area. Hardwood floors in the kitchen and breakfast nook will be standard as well the granite countertops in the kitchen and master bath. The remaining baths will have Corian countertops. We have a couple of appointments setup for the design center where we will pick out the colors for the ca

The Graduation of Travis Part 1 (Pre-Trip Planning)

Has it been eight weeks already? I am sure that Travis feels that he has been there at sixteen weeks. Oh, I forgot to say that Travis will be graduating from his Air Force Boot Camp in a few days. Travis called us today and he seemed very anxious to moving on with his Tech School Training. Travis scored a whopping >90% on both of his exams. One was a written exam and really don’t remember what the other one was. Here is a couple of pictures of what Travis looked like before he went off to boot camp: At the Colorado Rockies game last summer (they won). Taken the day he signed his contract for the Air Force. Another pic from the Rockies game (yes, they still won) I will post some more pictures sometime next week. We wonder how much he has changed. Not just his physic but his overall mannerisms in general. I am sure that he is no longer a slob (Travis wasn’t a real slob when he lived with us, he was just unaware what dirt actually was). Here is a walkthrough of th