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Want To See My Caulk?

Looks like we picked the wrong weekend to go on a hike. Winds in Golden are forecasted to be in the 45mph range. Oh well…We put off caulking the master shower long enough. We removed all of the old caulking and sealed all of the grout so it should only take a few minutes. Here is a picture of my caulk:

Weekend With Tara & Family

Michelle’s cousin Tara and her family came by for a visit last weekend. I guess it has been about two years since we last saw them. The kids have grown (duh, that is what they do) and we finally got to meet her husband, Jaime. It was a great visit. We pigged out on pulled pork, coleslaw and beer on Saturday night. Nobody got out of control and we all woke up without a hangover. The kids were itching for a bike ride Sunday morning so we all got on our bikes and road around then neighborhood and the nearby lake. A total of eight miles. We really enjoyed the visit! Anytime you guys are in the area, please stop by: