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California, Arizona & Back Again

 Well, Israel is a bust this year too... Time to visit the family via a road trip. We figure it will take two days of driving to reach California.  Of course we will make planned stops along the way. First stop, Antelope Valley State Park in Utah.  Only a hour drive from Salt Lake City. From Top to Bottom: Buffalo Wide Angle Shot of the Lake Infrared Photo of the Plains Infrared Photo of the Lake We spent a lot of time there shooting the buffalos (with cameras) but we were loosing light fast.  Major flying insect invasion.  Sounded like rain when driving. Next stop, Bonneville Salt Flats, UT Not much to say here other than it is fun as fuck to drive at 110 mph here. Back in the car and headed out to the Bay Area.  We decided to stay in Suisun City for the first two nights so we could visit with mom before heading out to the Wine Country. The Hampton Inn in Suisun City (infrared photo) After we visited with mom, we headed out to our next adventure, Safari West in Sonoma, CA.  Our lodgin