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Bishop Castle - Rye, Colorado

Another Sunday...Another three hour drive. We are so ready for our trip to Greece that we get easily bored on the weekends.  The weather has been really nice during the week but when the weekend comes, it is either cold, snowing, raining or windy.  Today it's windy.  To make matters worse, statewide.  But on the bright side, it is sunny and warm with a high of 67. Googling things to see in Colorado, Michelle came upon Bishop's Castle in the outskirts of Rye.  The town or Rye is south west of Pueblo (just to get your bearings).  Sounds good to me. Quick breakfast while we charged up the Nikon D500 and drone batteries.  I loaded the cooler with last nights kick ass dinner.  To much to type but you I am including a couple of shots of the meal we cooked using a Jerusalem Cookbook that we recently purchased. In the car we go!  We figure we can make it under three hours depending on the traffic.  Sunday morning going south.  No problem.  We made it about a