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Boreas Pass & Aspen Ridge

FINALLY! We made it to the high country to capture the fall colors of Colorado. We opted for the Breckenridge to Como route which took us from Breckenridge to Como via Boreas Pass. Since we felt that the high country would be full of "Leafers" AKA Peepers, we hit the road at 0530. We got to Breckenridge (via Starbucks) at about 0700 and met little to no traffic. That is a good start right? The fog settled in once we got to the Continental Divide so our pictures needed a little work in Lightroom. There were quite a few people already parked in the turnouts.  I believe that they were mountain bikers since we really didn't see anybody and all of the cars had bike racks. After we started our descent, the aspen trees were few and far between. At the base of Boreas Pass we were able to capture a few more pictures: Como is a small and very old town.  Great place to live if you are on welfare. We got on highway 285 and headed s