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Nikon 20mm 1.8 Lens Day!

Just how many lenses do I need?  Or for that matter, cameras? Actually, I have reduced my lens and camera count considerably.  Thank you eBay! Mike's Camera sponsors a free event called "Demo Days" in Denver.  Typically the event is held at either the Denver Botanic Gardens or the Denver Zoo.  This year it was the Denver Zoo. Demo Days allows you to try any and all available camera gear at no charge so you can try before you buy.  The best part is (or at least for us) is that you cannot actually purchase anything at the event. I brought my new Nikon Z6 so I could try out a 20mm f1.8 wide angle prime lens.  What a nice lens! I have done quite a bit of research and read a lot of reviews and I don't believe that I read one bad thing about the lens.  Extremely fast, wide aperture and tack sharp photos.  Yes, all of that is true. Just by going to the event, I received a $50 coupon towards the lens. Oh, did I fail to mention that I won a photo contest at Mike&

White Sands National Monument, NM

Two days of driving and fucking around we finally made it to White Sands National Monument. I was so happy that I renewed our Annual National Park Pass so we could get in for free. Once again...Sadly mistaken Easter Weekend.  National Parks are free!  So, besides us, there were a crap ton of people at the park. Most of the people were congregated in parking lots that were surrounded by sand dunes that you could sled down. White Sands has unique type of sand that is 98% gypsum crystals. This formation is kind of like snow which allows you to walk on it without slowing you down.  Less drag. A blown up view of gypsum crystals We drove around a bit then decided to do some hiking to scope out a good sunset spot.   You wouldn't think that sand would be too photo worthy but we took a lot of photos (about 700 between us). Long day but a great day! We got back to the hotel later that night and pretty much fell asleep right away.

Roswell, New Mexico

Wow!  What a long drive to White Sands, NM Our journey started with a wakeup at 0500 hours.  Teeth brushing, showering, espresso and finally a nicotine mint to wash it all down. The car was pretty much pre-loaded so we only had to get in and drive for an estimated twelve hours (plus a couple/few hours since we tend to fuck off along the way). We got as far as Castle Rock before hunger kicked in and the need to feed was overwhelming.  A quick stop at Starbucks for a scone, banana bread and a couple of lattes (and a quick piss) and we were back on the road. The drive into New Mexico was uneventful so we were pretty much on time. Then, out of the blue, we saw an eye catching "brown sign".  Brown signs usually marks an exit to a historical site, park or other history infested location.  This sign read, Ft Union - 30 miles.  Fuck it.  We turned off and decided to go for it.  White Sands can wait a couple hours. You can see the the previous post for the Fort Union photo