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The Graduation of Travis Part III

We dropped Travis off at the barracks on time and headed back to the hotel. We kind of got up on time the next morning to pick up Travis at 8:00am. We drove around the barracks like pedophiles around an elementary school and finally found him. We were able to take a tour of the barracks before going to Sea World. The barracks reminded me of the reform school. The only thing missing were the Nuns and their num-chucks.   WOW! Take picture and simonize it.   Travis had obtained free passes for Sea World. We had a good time. We caught all of the animal shows and even take in a roller coaster ride. Travis opted to sit it out since he doesn’t like the up and down motion. Your’e in the Air Force Travis…get used to it The Iron Eel   SeaWorld     Whales Seal We headed back to the base to drop Travis off. We said our goodbyes as we were leaving early tomorrow morning to start the drive home. We got up the next day and drove home. The end

The Graduation of Travis Part II

So sorry that I haven’t updated our trip to San Antonio for Travis’ Air Force Boot Camp Graduation (which occurred in the first week of April) but we have been busy with the new house, cleaning this house, getting rid of stuff, yard maintenance and other road adventures (see the next post for our trip to the Great Sand Dunes in Alamosa, CO. Okay, back to Travis. We started our 1,200 mile+ trip to San Antonio early in the morning in hopes of getting to the half-way point of Amarillo, TX by early evening. We really didn’t f**k around too much along the way.     We stopped at this wonderful roadside picnic area complete with a tank of propane. If I would have known they provided propane, I would have brought some franks. We didn’t notice this beanery across the street until we already pilfered the propane: After our bellies were full we hit the road again.   We got the Holiday Inn in Amarillo around dinner time. Not a moment too soon. We were starving. I checked the yellow pages