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"Triple S" Arizona Trip

The Triple “S” (Schiller, Schrader and Sampson) Arizona Trip was great! We had a great time being with our niece, nephews and brother in-law. I was going to title this entry Triple S Arizona and Utah Trip but only one “S” (Schiller) went to Utah and it would pretty fucking stupid to say the “Single S” Utah Trip. Now that I have got that out of the way, let me say that Utah was great too. We left a couple of days early so we could visit Arches National Park and Monument Valley. We were able to squeeze in Valley of the Gods and Mexican Hat Rock as well the Road of the Ancients which is a road that does a lot of switch backs via dirt and gravel roads. The hardest part was getting Jules to her final resting place(s). We took Jules to Mather’s Point in the Grand Canyon and Buffalo Park in Flagstaff where Steve and Julie got married. We all said our goodbyes, shed a tear and hugged. I felt bad that it took so long to do this but as you know, the Triple S’s are never in a hurry to do


Going to a couple of concerts this year. The Counting Crows in a few weeks and The Pretty Reckless in November. The Crows are playing at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison. We have only been there once before and that was to see the Counting Crows.     Adam Duritz had to break up a fight in the front row. He stopped the concert and told the lames to mellow out. At the end of the show, he told the crowd that they would return. Glad that he kept his word.             Here is a pic of the theatre. The theater is within the Red Rocks Regional Park. In addition to concerts, they use the theater for Sunday morning yoga work outs. You won’t find me there anytime soon for that. Did I mention that there are a shit load of stairs there? You have to walk a ton of steps to get in then another boat load to get to your seat. We will be in row 17 center for the upcoming show. The Pretty Reckless will be playing at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. We saw their concert on television

New Photo & Jewelry Site

Michelle has been hard at work creating a new website for our jewelry and photo sites. We can’t share a photo site so we both have sites on SmugMug. If you go to this link, you can pretty much find everything we do on line. There are links to our jewelry, photos and blogs (yes, including this blog which I rarely update). I will provide the link here because I know you are already tired of reading the crap I’m dishing out here: do I need to repeat? Didn’t think so.

Machu Picchu Trip

You may be wondering why I am waiting until now to post some stuff about our recent trip to Machu Picchu (Ecuador, Peru and the Galapagos)… Well, I have posted a lot of pictures on my SmugMug website as well as putting an Adobe Spark page together (which kind of sucks) and a movie trailer together. I will post the links later in this post. Okay….The trip was awesome! One of the better OAT Trips that we have taken. Peru was cool, Ecuador was great and the Galapagos were awesome. We sampled a lot of food including guinea pig (Cuy). That was the first and last time that I will eat that rodent. After we took a bite or two, our trip leader, Fredy told us it was finger food. Little too late buddy. The skin was tough and full of bones. I sat there very politely and crunched away. I think that everybody was doing the same. Needless to say, there were plenty of leftovers for the bus driver and the rest of the neighborhood. For some reason, they prefer the black ones. I really don’t need