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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Since half of our street is still under construction, the doorbell didn’t ring a whole helluva lot. We still have a shitload of candy. Most likely it will be here at Christmas so bring your stockings and we will fill them up.

Aspen Ridge, Colorado

As in the past, we woke up Saturday morning and decided to take a road trip to Aspen Ridge in Buena Vista, CO. Aspen Ridge is, as the name implies, a mountain ridge consisting of a bunch of aspen trees. Our intention was to photograph the fall colors before it got too late in the season. Guess what? We were too late (again). The trip to “the ridge” took about two and a half hours. stated that Aspen Ridge was just outside of Fairplay, CO (about 90 minutes away). They lied (as they usually do). Don’t get me wrong, the site has great information but typically the site is a little vague on how to get there, where to turn and what to expect. That being said, the site is the IMDB of off roading. On the way to Aspen Ridge, we rarely saw trees with any fall colors remaining and were hopeful that we would get to see some when we reached our destination. We took state highway 285 south and exited on Chaffee County Road 307 and followed the lame instructions to Aspen

The J Geils Band, Sunrise and Sunset

I was listening to The J Geils Band today and decided to google them to see if they are actually going on tour. Yep, they are. They just announced a ten date tour in the northeast. Hopefully they will make it a bit closer to Colorado. The last time I saw them was on the Freeze Frame tour back in 1982 (or ’81). U2 opened up for Geils and actually got booed. Bono got grabbed off of the stage and he way crying like a bitch….”help me, help me”. Before that, they threw their (only) album out into the crowd. The album was thrown back a couple of minutes later. Ha! They still suck (U2) if you ask me. Here is a nice picture of a sunrise taken this morning:   Now, here is a picture of a sunset taken this evening: Okay, it is not really a sunset but the sun is setting but you can’t see it.