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Dillon Ice Castle

If you ever come to Colorado in the winter, you MUST visit the Dillion Ice Castle. I only say winter because the castle will be melted in the summer.  We arrived about an hour before opening and the the place looked abndoned.  Since we had an hour to kill we decided to walk to the Starbucks that was about a mile or so away.  When we got to Starbucks, there were a few young ladies wearing thin, summer like dresses.  I got cold just looking at them. They looked like they were part of a wedding or traveling theatre group. We were partially right.    One of the scantily dressed ladies at Starbucks posing as a princess from Frozen 

Dowdy Draw Hike

How could you live in Colorado and not go out and enjoy the scenery?   These pictures are from a hike we did today in Boulder in a trail called Dowdy Draw. A nice trail classified as medium. We decided to do the loop trail that took us on a 5.5 mile hike that meandered through the trees, up a Mesa and to the base of the Flatiron Mountains you see below.  Awesome hike!