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The Road To California

Well, the weather started out blue skies until we got to Idaho Springs (about 40 miles outside of Denver). It appeared to have snowed the night before. Once we got through Idaho Springs the weather began to get a little nastier. I had planned on washing the car before we left and I am glad that I didn’t as the muck began to cake on the further we went.

Road Trip!

Time to escape the cold weather of Colorado and head out to where it is warmer! Yes, that’s right, California. It has been a couple of years since our move to Colorado and it is time we go home for a visit. I can’t think of a better way to get to California other than driving. It’s only 1,200 miles and we could do that in one day (we’ve done it before on a trip to Indiana) but you know us, we are making a three day trip out of this. First stop, Moab (Arches National Park). We always wanted to go to Moab (to break in the Jeep Wrangler) but we just couldn’t find the time. One thing is for certain, there won’t be any crowds.