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Downtown Denver Hike (We were bored)

The past few weekends have been spent with family or work.  The family part was cool but the work shit is exactly that...Shit. Since our road trip to spend Thanksgiving in Indiana is a week away, we needed something to fill the gap. Downtown Denver sounded good.  But what to shoot?  We opted for cathedrals located in downtown. A little google search gave us nine to choose from.  We loaded up our iPhones with addresses of the churches not actually knowing if any of them would be open. Traffic was breeze for a Saturday and we parked in our favorite parking lot a block away from Larimer Square. We ended up getting to four churches with only one actually being open. We ended up walking about five miles/ 12,000 steps that day.  Our hopes of hitting all the churches and even bigger hopes of more than being open didn't succeed, the day was still a great day as I got to spend it with the love of my life, Michelle.