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Pawnee Buttes

Did I mention that we bought a drone?  Probably not.  We got a DJI Spark Drone. It’s a little drone that doesn’t require FAA registration.  We took it out on a few test flights but due to the cold weather, we will wait until spring before we launch an all out aerial assault on the Colorado countryside. All out assault means video and photographs. Don’t want to confuse anybody who is reading this (which is nobody by Shire recconning).  Anyway, just checking out a new mobile blog app called BlogTouch Pro to see how it works with my Blogger account. 

New Hardwood and Carpet

What were we thinking? We opted for the cheap ass carpet when we had the house built. We should have known better. The carpet started looking like shit after two years. Yes, we could have had it cleaned but that is only a temporary fix. The stairs were the ugliest so we decided to get a quote on getting hardwood installed on the stairs. Great idea but not financially friendly at this point in time. Basically, it would cost $150 per stair. We have sixteen stairs leading upstairs. Do the math. Second option was to get hardwood installed in all the rooms upstairs. Once again, not financially friendly. Third option (my suggestion by the way) was to get hardwood installed in the loft area, put new carpet on the stairs and all of the bedrooms upstairs. DING, DING, DING….we have a winner. Two days later the installers came to install the hardwood. Here are a couple of before shots:                 And now the after shots:     I could post some before and after on the carpet