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Bonfire at Chelsea and Josh’s house! Chelsea and Josh live way the f*&k out in the sticks (the entire town of Sellersburg is the sticks) and we got lost a few times (make a left at the stop sign, NOT a right). On the bright side, we got to see a lot more of the sticks. At the height of the night, approximately twenty-five or more people were present. I’ll add more photos later. I am just using the pictures taken on my iPhone for now. It may take a week or three to update the photos so don’t get all pissy with me asking where the pictures are at. Maybe I will put them on the 2016 calendar just to be a dick. Speaking of dicks, Chelsea’s yard has a boat load of ticks. Michelle and I saturated ourselves with Off! so we pretty much we left unscathed. Josh on the other hand had to remove around eight or so ticks from where he didn’t spray off (refer to the first sentence of this paragraph. Sorry Josh, Chelsea snitched you out. Pictures say a thousand words but unfortunately (act

Chelsea's Graduation In Indiana

Yay!!!! Chelsea is graduating - or I should say that Chelsea already graduated back on May 11th. I am just a little slow updating my blog. We decided to drive out to Indiana using highway 70 since we have already driving out using highway 40. Since we took the entire week off, we felt that to make this a complete road trip, we would come back via highway 80. Neither of us have driven on highway 80 past Wyoming so hopefully there will be more to see. Did I mention that in order to get to highway 80 we would have to stop in Chicago for a day or two. Just because neither of us have been there albeit the Midway and O’Hare airports. More on Chicago later. This page will consist of the whole trip to Indiana and Chicago (via Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and back via Indiana, Illnois, Iowa and Nebraska. First rest stop: Kansas The weather was gray and wet until we reached St Louis. We got to St Louis about 9pm (fourteen hours driving today) so we decided to hit the hay and then go to the

Margaret Cooper Park Bike Ride

We found a nice trail about four miles from the house. The trail encompasses a park and a creek. The park itself has two man made lakes. The weather was partly cloudy and about 77 degrees. We figured that the park would be packed since the beaners are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today but the park was pretty much empty. The parking lot is huge so I guess it fills up in the summer. The creek part of the trail has a man made lake and park as well. One thing I’ll say about Colorado, they sure do believe in open space and biking/walking trails. A true workout paradise. Oh, the new bike seats are 1000% better!   Nice lake and park. Made us wish we had a dog….maybe after Morocco… The happy bike riders (happy since our buts are not sore)   One of the two lakes at the Margaret Cooper Park

Cherry Creek Bike Ride

It was such a nice day that we decided to take our (newly tuned up) bicycles out for a spin. We have walked around Cherry Creek Reservoir many times (never completely around) several times so we figured that we could take ride around the entire reservoir. Well, we didn’t have a map so we couldn’t find the connecting road once we got to the end. So we turned around and went back the way we came. A total of 14.89 miles Cherry Creek is great for bikes as the roads are mostly flat. The only bad part is that there are A LOT of riders on the road. Most of the riders use the roadway (which is cool since we prefer the trails). The riders who use the road are dicks. They think that they own the road. A lot of the riders ride side by side (sometimes four across) and fail to yield to cars. Share the road, don’t hog it. Did I mention that a the road riders are dicks. My brother calls them Bike Nazis. Good name. Our buts were really tires by the end of the ride so needless to say we ma