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On The Way To Atlanta

Okay, Here is your first hint…. We are at the Denver International Airport. We are flying to Atlanta to catch our connecting flight. To where? Wait and see….

Cloud Time Lapse at Mt Evans

Mt Evans, Colorado

Spent yesterday at Mt Evans in Evergreen. Mt Evans is one of the 14’ers meaning that it is over 14,000 feet high. You can definitely feel the lack of oxygen in your brain at that altitude. We weren’t winded but got a little dizzy a couple of times. The temperature was a balmy 48 degrees (it was 97 degrees at home). Even though we wore shorts, it wasn’t too cold.    

The Book of Mormon

Back in May of this year, I bought tickets to see the Book of Mormon in downtown Denver. We heard that it was really good and decided not to read any reviews. We only knew that Trey Parker & Matt Stone (yes, the South Park guys) were involved. We didn’t know what to expect. I will have to put this on my top three list of plays and or musicals. The other two are, Love Valor & Compassion and Jesus Christ Superstar. If you get a chance to see this when it comes to your town, DO IT. You will definitely not be disappointed.   Can’t say enough good things about it.