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Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark III

Just couldn't resist buying the new Olympus E-M1 MarkIII camera. Michelle and I went to a camera launch even (which was a very, very stupid thing to do) a couple of weeks ago at Mike's Camera to see the new camera in action. At that time we had no interest in buying a new camera since we pretty much off loaded all of our old equipment on eBay.  Selling the old on eBay was probably the seconds most stupid thing to do as it left room in our camera "luggage".  AKA sack... not bag.  Never a bag.  Not any more. Anyway... the launch was really cool.  The camera reps even had stations setup where you can tryout the new features like Live Neutral Density, Compositing and live in camera focus bracketing.  There were some other features as well but we didn't get to visit all the stations. A light dinner was provided as well as goody bags which had some discount coupons. The first time that I read the coupon, I thought that they were only offering $25 off of the ca

Focus Stacking 303

Okay, here are some more focus stacking pictures taken today. Dang, about four hours work to produce the photos.  Only a handful are being shown here. The rest can be seen on