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House Painting 101

We spent the past weekend painting (most) of the downstairs. After we (Michelle) decided on the colors that I was going to apply to the wall, we headed off to Lowes. I think Lowes and I are on a first name basis by now. It only took two days to paint the living room and kitchen. We have to do a second coat on the garage entry way (we ran out of paint and energy). Here is few shots of our (my handiwork). Joking aside, this was a team effort. Michelle got all of the edging done and it looks great! My arms are tired from pushing that roller all fricken weekend.     Did I mention that we will be painting the downstairs bathroom as well? Stay tuned!!

What? An Update??

Sorry that I haven’t updated in a while. With all of the trips to Lowes, Ikea, American Home Furniture, Best Buy and Mikes Camera (had to order some 20” X 30” Canvas prints for the walls you know) it has been hard to actually sit down. When we actually sit down, we catch up on our shows (SOA, The Bridge, The Strain, re-watched the last season of The Walking Dead etc). Speaking of The Walking Dead, if you are not a fan, you suck. Just kidding. If you have never seen single episode, watch the first to last episode of season four (look at the flowers, Lizzy) and you will see why it is one of the best shows on TV. Waiting for Game of Thrones to come back on as well as Justified and other shows that you probably have never heard of. So, quit sucking and watch The Walking Dead. Okay, here are a couple of pictures to show what we have been up to. As soon as I get done watching football today I may add some more. I doubt it but it if it keeps you coming back for more, I am all for it.