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Walker Ranch Loop Trail

Since the weather was really nice today (upper 50’s) we decided to do a hike in the Eldorado National Forest. The hike is called the Walker Ranch Loop Trail and is 7.62 miles long. Seems like a piece of cake but you have to remember that we are in Colorado and there are mountains. Normally a 6+ mile hike would take about 2 hours. Well, this took 4 hours and 50 minutes. We had to stop a couple of times to rehydrate and eat. The walk started at 7,200 feet and we ascended/descended 1,500’ along the way. Really peaceful and nice scenery.                  

Next Stop....Machu Picchu

We are very excited to announce our next trip….Machu Piccu and the Galapagos. There were quite a few trips to choose from this year: China, The Columbia Coffee Triangle, The Amazon , Ecuador and Brazil.. One thing was for certain this year, a trip below the equator. The Amazon was out due to the constant threat of Malaria and China was a little too expensive ($17,000 with the pre-trip and post trip extensions). Maybe next year (?). Since we got our Hepatitis A & B shots we are immune to hepatitis (less the type C) so we are free to roam other 3rd world countries. The only threat right now is Yellow Fever. Depending on where you enter Ecuador or how bad a day the boarder guard is having we might need to show proof of vaccination of Yellow Fever. I have to call Kaiser to see if they cover the shot or at least provide it at a lower cost. Walgreens, Rite Aid and the Public Health Departments offer the immunization for approximately $160. The cost includes the mandatory “Yellow Fe