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Albania: Butrint, Gjiirokaster, Dhokast and More!

After Greece we boarded our bus and headed for the Albanian border.  Our bus driver, Tasos had to "bribe" the customs office on duty with approximately $5.  What a racket.  I wonder if they do that here.  You know, like at the US/Mexican Boarder.  Maybe Trump should look into that. Our first stop was Butrint.   Butrint was the site of a Greek colony, a Roman city, and a bishopric of the Byzantine Empire.  The site was  abandoned in the middle ages when the marshes began to take over the area. We departed Butrint and headed out towards Gjirokaster stopping in Sarande for lunch.  Sarande is a small seaside town.  Lunch consisted of fish with two options.  Head on or head off.  We were told that the locals order the fish with the heads on otherwise they have no idea what type of fish they are actually getting served.  Makes sense to me however, I don't like my food looking at me when I eat it. I opted for head off.  Michelle had lasagna. Sarande


Spent a couple of weeks in Greece. Why?  Nothing else to do. Besides, we had some vacation days to burn. This bridge was built in 1750. Still standing and is in use by people and cattle that live in the area. A view from the Vikos Gorge. 3000 feet deep at it’s deepest point. I just noticed... I mean the wife just told me that I only had two photos on my Greece Blog.  Not sure why I was so short on my entires.  I must have been tired or something.   We visited Greece, Macedonia and Albania.  Most of the stuff you read and see will be jumbled together but you will get the gist of it all.  If not, ask Michelle or read her blog for more in depth technical details, play by play analysis, player interviews and more! Outside the Greece Museum Inside the Museum Out on the Streets of Thessaloniki  A Few Members of Our Group A View From Our Room in Meteora A View of the Monasteries