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Rifle State Park and Dinosaur National Monument

Memorial Day vacations are for suckers!  Go the following weekend and avoid the crowds (aka cluster fucks). Due to the current COVID crap that is going on we both reached our vacation day caps so our employers told us to take a couple of days off. Since we finally got some good weather (aka spring) we felt a road trip was in order. Unfortunately four days isn't enough to head down to Telluride or Durango so we opted to head over to Utah and visit Dinosaur National Monument. Now, in all fairness, we knew that the visitor center and quarry at the monument were closed and that we were taking non essential travel but being cooped up in the house with nothing to do was just not going to happen.  Period. We got our camera bags packed, truck loaded and booked a hotel in Vernal, UT.  Vernal is the closest town to the monument. Not a lot of good hotels in town.  Most of them dumps and with all of the COVID stuff going a we didn't know what our food options would be so a kitc

Walden, Colorado via Medicine Bow, Wyoming

What started as a day road trip to Medicine Bow, Wy turned out to be a day in Walden, Colorado. We got up early and loaded the (new) truck and planned to spend the day in Medicine Bow National Forrest in Wyoming.  NOT.  The fucking highway was closed about 30 or so miles from our destination. Not the first time this has happened.  You would think that we would check the road conditions prior to leaving.  We checked the weather and no inclement weather was forecasted.  WTF? Only two choices were left.  Go home or take a different road home. You know us... we took highway 237 as an alternate way home to see where it took us. We ended up in Walden Colorado: Next week we are headed out to Dinosaur, Utah.  Weather is supposed to be in the 90's. Remember to spay and neuter your pets.  Bob Barker would be proud.

RiNo Revisited

Out of the house for the second weekend in a row. The RiNo Art District downtown is really cool to photograph.  The art is constantly changing. It has been over a year (or a new camera or two) since our last visit and most of the art work has been replaced. I am getting ahead of myself.  First off, we went to a visit a cool ice cream shop (I couldn't tell you the name of the place, it is in Denver and has a vintage airplane on the roof: Nice place. The ice cream parlor was closed of course so we will have to go back there sometime in the future. Okay off to RiNo.   I won't bore you with words.  Here are the pictures: That's it for today people.... As always, stay safe and healthy.  Our trip to Israel depends on people not being stupid so wear a mask and stay home if you are sick.  Thank you.

Pawnee Buttes, Colorado

If you ask a lot of Coloradans if they have every been to Pawnee Buttes National Grassland, they look at you with a skewed face. I have met native Coloradans who have never heard of Pawnee Buttes (or the Paint Mines for that matter). We have ventured out there a few times (I think this last trip was number four).  We took this day trip just to get out of the house and try a few shots using our Lee Filters for long exposure.  This trip wasn't a good test.  That being said, I did take a few.  Nothing to write home about: The weather starting getting colder, the wind picked up and we decided to retreat to the Jeep and have lunch before heading home. After lunch, we were unable to use the restrooms as they have been closed since the COVID-19 situation.  Where to relieve one self.... Here: Worked for me. Back in the Jeep.  But wait...what do we see here? The last time we shot this house, there were a bunch of trees surrounding the house.  J