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Pawnee Buttes, Colorado

If you ask a lot of Coloradans if they have every been to Pawnee Buttes National Grassland, they look at you with a skewed face.

I have met native Coloradans who have never heard of Pawnee Buttes (or the Paint Mines for that matter).

We have ventured out there a few times (I think this last trip was number four).  We took this day trip just to get out of the house and try a few shots using our Lee Filters for long exposure.  This trip wasn't a good test.  That being said, I did take a few.  Nothing to write home about:

The weather starting getting colder, the wind picked up and we decided to retreat to the Jeep and have lunch before heading home.

After lunch, we were unable to use the restrooms as they have been closed since the COVID-19 situation. 

Where to relieve one self....


Worked for me.

Back in the Jeep.  But wait...what do we see here?

The last time we shot this house, there were a bunch of trees surrounding the house.  Just tree stumps are left in the front yard.  The house is riddled with bullet holes.  A lot of bullet holes.

I swear, we never get anywhere when we have cameras in the car.  I spotted this photo op and turned around to snap off a quick few.

Well that is it for todays update. 

Stay safe and healthy.  

Remember Mother's Day next weekend!


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