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Haven’t posted any sunrise photos in awhile…so here they are:  

Solar Power

Did I mention that we are going Solar? We signed up with Solar City and we are 99% done with the install. Everything is in place except for the new solar meter that the electric company needs to add. We had no out of pocket costs on the solar. Basically, it is a lease. We pay .10 cents per kilowatt for power that is not generated by the solar panels regardless of how much energy we use. We have fourteen panels on the roof. Our roof has a great southern exposure which is perfect for solar. The cool thing about solar is that we “bank” any energy we don’t use so, in the winter when we don’t produce as much energy, we can draw off of our reserves. Oh, in addition, Xcel Energy kicks up back.02 cents per kilowatt. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it does add up. Oh, oh in in addition addition, we are entitled to a $4,800 tax write off for going solar. China, here we come!   Doing our part to help lower the carbon footprint

Bike Ride To Downtown Denver

We found a new trail that follows the Platte River and goes all the way to downtown Denver. I believe that you can stay on the trail past Denver and go all the way to Cherry Creek State Park. The ride from our house is ten miles (one way) but with all of the f’ing around that we do, we usually make about a 30 mile ride. There was a wreck on the trail last weekend….more on that in a minute. Let’s get through the good stuff first. Here a are a few pix from the trail: The thistles are in bloom     Cool church that we spotted from the trail. About a mile round trip off of the beaten path     We have done the Denver trail ride three times now. We usually leave in the morning and have lunch downtown. Best to go early since the afternoons have been hot. We also get a lot of thunderstorms around 3:00pm Now the bad news…. On the way back to our car last Sunday we came across a guy sitting on the side of the path. From what we could tell, he went of the trail (not sure if on purpose)