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New Vehicle (Yeah, I know...Leave Me Alone)

With the famous words of Ned Stark, “Winter is coming” in my brain, we (yes, we) decided to replace my Scion Tc. After countless hours on websites we decided on a RAV4 All Wheel Drive. The reasons for picking a RAV4 is pretty obvious to us but let me spell it out for you. Every car that I have ever purchased has been a Toyota or Scion (which is basically a Toyota) except for a piece of shit Jeep Patriot which was returned to purchase the Scion Tc. Well, I will have to admit that “we” bought a Jeep Wrangler but since Michelle’s name is first name on the loan paperwork, I technically didn’t buy it. I only co-signed on the loan in case she kicks it (heaven forbid) and then the car would go to me. Dammit, since I am the bill payer in the house and the money for the payment comes out of our joint account, one could say that I did buy it. That would be something for the courts to decide. Michelle’s name appears first on the registration as well as the insurance card but since I pay for