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RiNo - Denver Art District

What a cool day! I follow a friend on Instagram, @valopatra and she has been snapping and posting a bunch of pictures taken in the Denver Art District.  This area is also known as RiNo. I Goggled RiNo and it looked like a place Michelle and I would love to photograph. Michelle didn't seem to interested when I told her about it so I said that we could go early today and spend an hour or so there before it gets too hot and crowded.  You know that I hate crowds...right? We parked on 29th and Blake.  Seemed like a good, free place to park and hoofed it up a block or so before we started to see some street art. Nothing to write home about but wait, it gets better. I promise. Took a left up 28th street and the art was getting a bit better. We ventured down an ally and more and more art sprang up like weeds. It got silent for a moment.  Normally this means Michelle spotted something in the distance and she went to shoot it.  Then I heard some guy talki