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Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark III

Just couldn't resist buying the new Olympus E-M1 MarkIII camera.

Michelle and I went to a camera launch even (which was a very, very stupid thing to do) a couple of weeks ago at Mike's Camera to see the new camera in action.

At that time we had no interest in buying a new camera since we pretty much off loaded all of our old equipment on eBay.  Selling the old on eBay was probably the seconds most stupid thing to do as it left room in our camera "luggage".  AKA sack... not bag.  Never a bag.  Not any more.

Anyway... the launch was really cool.  The camera reps even had stations setup where you can tryout the new features like Live Neutral Density, Compositing and live in camera focus bracketing.  There were some other features as well but we didn't get to visit all the stations.

A light dinner was provided as well as goody bags which had some discount coupons.

The first time that I read the coupon, I thought that they were only offering $25 off of the camera.  C…
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Focus Stacking 303

Okay, here are some more focus stacking pictures taken today.

Dang, about four hours work to produce the photos.  Only a handful are being shown here.

The rest can be seen on

Focus Stacking 202

We had planned on going up to Mount Evans this afternoon to take some focus stacking landscape shots.  The weather is not totally cooperating yet.  The landscapes are still a little brown, the weather is cold and no wildflowers have yet to pop out of their winter slumber.

Since we are not totally ready for macro and landscape photo stacking we felt it best to practice some more.  We stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some critters (frogs, turtles and dinosaurs) to practice with. We also picked up some fresh flowers at the local King Soopers but we had so much fun with the critters that the flowers will have to wait until tomorrow.

I think we are getting a little better.

Practice equals perfection:

Focus Stacking 101

Focus Stacking 101
What is Focus Stacking?

Focus stacking is the process of taking several (if not a shitload) of pictures and slightly adjusting the focus between each shot.

Why do Focus Stacking?

When you shoot macro photos, typically your depth of field (DOF) is very (if not extremely) shallow.  If you don't know what "depth of field" is, skip this post as you don't belong here.  In fact, leave this site and never come back as 99% of my posts are about or about taking photos.

Are you still here?

Now that the people who actually know a few things about photography and especially things about depth of field, I will continue on.

Since the DOF is shallow when shooting close ups, it is hard to get what you actually want in focus and that is where focus stacking comes in.

I took 35 pictures of the same subject and started my focal point at the object in the front.  Each subsequent picture moved the focal a butt hair until either infinity was reached or the amount of pictu…

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Okay, this is a late post of last year's Thanksgiving.

Michelle and I invited ourselves to our niece, Chelsea's house for Thanksgiving.

Chelsea and her husband, Josh had just had their first baby in October.  Since we couldn't make the trip any earlier due to our work schedules, Thanksgiving worked out perfectly.

Of course, we saw this as a road trip as well.  Michelle did what she does best...planned the excursions along the way.  Michelle plots the course, and I book the hotels.  This is how it has always been done.  No reason to change a perfect partnership right?

First stop, Kansas City, MO

Photos of downtown, the Performing Arts Center, Veteran's Memorial, Union Station and the iconic St Louis Archway.

Let's not forget the Genghis Khan Exhibit at Union Station:

Off to Nashville...