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A Trip to the Bayou

 Now we both have at least one shot of the Pfizer Vaccine, we decided it was time to take another road trip.   Louisiana sounded good! A quick check on AirBNB and we found a nice two bedroom two bathroom home on Algiers Point.  Algiers Point is a short ferry ride across the mighty Mississippi River from Bourbon Street.   Did I forget to mention that New Orleans, LA is an eighteen hour drive away?   As always, we got up butt ass early to hit the road.  We felt we could make it to Wichita Falls, TX and stay the night at a hotel. Not a lot of stopping on the way due to the mileage we have to endure.  We did stop in Memphis, TX for a quick photo op and bathroom break: We still didn't feel safe eating in restaurants so we went to a local grocery store and picked up some heat and serve meals from the deli. Up and at 'em early the following morning to make it to New Orleans... We arrived in New Orleans around 6pm and found a small restaurant a block or so from the house.  Michelle got