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A Trip to the Bayou

 Now we both have at least one shot of the Pfizer Vaccine, we decided it was time to take another road trip.  

Louisiana sounded good!

A quick check on AirBNB and we found a nice two bedroom two bathroom home on Algiers Point.  Algiers Point is a short ferry ride across the mighty Mississippi River from Bourbon Street.  

Did I forget to mention that New Orleans, LA is an eighteen hour drive away?  

As always, we got up butt ass early to hit the road.  We felt we could make it to Wichita Falls, TX and stay the night at a hotel.

Not a lot of stopping on the way due to the mileage we have to endure.  We did stop in Memphis, TX for a quick photo op and bathroom break:

We still didn't feel safe eating in restaurants so we went to a local grocery store and picked up some heat and serve meals from the deli.

Up and at 'em early the following morning to make it to New Orleans...

We arrived in New Orleans around 6pm and found a small restaurant a block or so from the house.  Michelle got the catfish platter and I got some cow to naw on.

Our first day consisted of a Cajun/Creole Cooking School Class in the morning and a walking tour of local street artists.

We lucked out!  The cooking class was a private lesson.  There were supposed to be six of us but the other people canceled for some reason or another.  Cool.

We made Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Shrimp and a roux.  All cajun/creole style.

Our chef, Preston was amazing.  Great teacher, cook and wonderful story teller.  If you ever make it to New Orleans, take the Madri Gras School of Cooking.  You will cook some kick ass food and drink.

We had enough time to take the ferry back to the AirBNB to drop off our leftovers before taking the walking tour.  We didn't think this over to well.  The walking tour required that we walk two miles from the ferry building.  I guess we could have taken an Uber but what fun is that?

We learned a lot about the street artists and why sometimes people tag their shit.  I can't remember it all so I won't butcher it here.  Enjoy the pictures and shut up about it.

Now, this one, I know something about.  The "Morton Salt" girl art was put up right after hurricane Katrina.  People have tried to deface it many a times so it is now covered by plexiglass to help preserve it.  

We fiddled around the following day in New Orleans and then we got slammed by rain.  Major thunderstorms and torrential rain.

We wanted to visit a few plantations.  We had six planned but only got to see two.  One of the tours was cut shot due to the rain.  

Due to the heavy amount of rain, we headed back to the AirBNB to dry off and watch some Netflix.  The storm got so bad, the power went off for several hours.  Glad we had good cell phone coverage so we could stream Netflix.

Wednesday was more rain but we were able to catch a break and hit one of the oldest cemeteries in town, the Metairie Cemetery:

The rain started up again.  This time, totally drenching us.  Lightning storms soon followed and Michelle got really scared.  I was a bit nervous as well.  The storm never let up so we headed back to the house.

The weather report for the following day was grim to say the least.  We hit the road at 6am and headed home.  We drove through one of the worst storms that I can remember.  Visibility was extremely bad and lightning was all around us.

It rained off and on the whole way and when we got home, we endured snow.  

Welcome to spring!


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