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Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chaco Canyon

New Mexico here we come!  Need to leave the house for a few days.  You know, leave our house and rent an AirBnB and stay at someone else's house. A really quick search, I mean the first AirBnB posting was the one we selected.  A nice little cottage situated about a twenty minute walk from the historic district. The outside is disgusting but the inside was spectacular! I hope you know that I am kidding!  The outside was nice. Dammit! Getting ahead of myself here.   We can't go anywhere without stopping many times. First stop was Steelworks Park in Pueblo, CO Cool place, but the museum was closed due to COVID. Oh, then there was this abandoned house... We got to the AirBnB house in the later afternoon and promptly headed out for a walk downtown. We didn't feel comfortable enough to dine out in a restaurant so we headed back to the cottage to cook up some of the food we brought. Tomorrow, Chaco Canyon! I believe that this was our third trip to Chaco Canyon.  The weather was cl