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Medertariain Food!

We have had a hankering for some Mediterranean food for the past week or so. I talked to a co-worker of mine, Laufnick and he recommended a place in Boulder called, The Med. Since our nephew, Travis just signed up for a four year stint in the Air Force, we decided this would be a good way to celebrate. Okay, a little more about the Air Force….Travis has been interested in enlisting for quite some time but he had to do some prep work before he could be considered an applicant. Travis had to drop about 30 pounds before he could enlist. When Travis made his goal weight, he contacted a recruiter (which was a nightmare by the way) and started the enlistment process. This past Tuesday, Travis took his entrance exam (and scored a whopping 92%) and took a physical. After successfully passing his physical and spilling his urine on his roommate (another story to share at a later time) he officially became enlisted. I looked up The Med on the internet and from what I saw, the place looks

Outstanding Food & Beverage

Due to complications (on Travis’ part) we got a late start on our departure to the restaurant but we still made our reservation. When we arrived, we were greeted by an absolutely beautiful hostess (that was your first hint Travis, stay in school and attend CU) who gave us the option to enjoy our meal on the outside patio. After a few twists and turns through the restaurant, we walked out onto the patio. The seating was a little cramped but the ambiance was nice. Our waiter, Doug (not his real name) promptly greeted us and provided us with the dinner, tapas and beverage menus. After perusing the many selections of wine, I ordered a lager from a local a local brewery. The selection was made from the “Bottled Beer” section but the beer was delivered in a can. Hmmm, I most likely wouldn’t have ordered it knowing it was in a can as the aluminum typically changes the physical characteristics of the hops and alcohol bringing on a metallic taste which forces the tastebuds to go into panic