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Spring and the New Fuji X-E4 Camera Test Drive

 Oh what a week we had weather wise! Last Saturday Denver was hit with a major snow storm.  The estimates were anywhere between ten inches to four feet. The snow started to fall Saturday morning and didn't let up until late Sunday evening. I tried to stay ahead of the game by shoveling about every two hours.  Glad I did! The sun came out and the snow is slowly melting away. Spring came yesterday and the outside temperature was 66 (36 today). Michelle and I bought new cameras.  Yes, I know, like we need another camera. No reason to stay indoors today.  Tomorrow, yes.  Snow is expected. The new Fuji takes awesome photos.  Just look! Finally stopped for a beer here.  Yes, just one beer. Just nice being outside again.  Of course, we wore our masks and tried to social distance as much as possible.

Backyard Bird Sanctuary

 On March 13, 2021 we had what Denver calls a "Major Snowstorm". We expected approximately two to six feet of snow.  I think we received about three feet in our neighborhood.   To keep our backyard birds happy, I filled up the bird feeder the day before the storm so we could take some pictures during or storm shelter in place situation. I took a lot of pictures, most of them blurry but the following shots came out pretty good.

Arbor Lake - Arvada, Colorado

 Today the weather is going to be 70 degrees! get... out... of the... house! Rumor has it that there is an eagle nesting at Arbor Lake in Arvada.  Such a beautiful day we need to verify the rumor. Arbor Lake is a small lake with a paved walking path.  The loop is about 1 1/2 miles long.  Shouldn't be too hard to spot a nesting eagle.  If it exists that is. We got to the lake and found that it currently a home to migrating geese and fucking ducks.  Yes, the ducks were fucking.  The males were mounting the females and pretty much holding them under the water while they did their business (fucking). Yes, I took pictures in case any of them run for office in the future so I can use the pictures as blackmail.  This blog is PG-13 rated so I will not post the picture here. Nice day to be outside