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Showing posts from January, 2016

New Table, Lamp and Rug

Finally got a new dining room table and a living room rug and a new light over the new kitchen table. Pretty cool huh?      

New Jewelry Made

We have been slacking on making jewelry for quite some time now. We really don’t have an excuse other than it is butt ass cold in the basement (I refuse to heat it) but heat really isn’t necessary as we basically use the basement as a home gym. Ten minutes on the treadmill and you won’t need the heat. Looks like I got off track again….where was I. Oh, that’s right….jewelry making. Okay, we moved the jewelry making supplies up into mom’s room and mom’s room will be in the basement. I am 99% sure that the basement leak has been fixed (over a year and a half). Just waiting for a good rain or snow melt to confirm. We spent last Sunday making some new jewelry. Now we just need to post the stuff to Etsy. Oh, our website is - feel free to purchase some jewelry! We won’t mind. In fact, I double dog dare you to buy some jewelry. Well, to hold you over, here is a picture of the stuff I made (necklace, earrings, bracelet and a eye glass rope thingy. Not sure