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Denver Botanic Gardens

Winter sucks...snow, mud, gunk all of the car.  Wouldn't be too bad but it is too cold to wash your own car so all of the car washes (that have under carriage wash) are full with lines ten cars deep.  So either get up early or leave the car dirty.  Like that will happen. Anyway.  It was a nice sunny day today (any day above freezing is a nice, balmy day in Colorado) so we felt the need to get outside for some fresh air. We are members of the Denver Botanic Gardens (as well as the Zoo and the Natural Science Museum) so it seemed like great idea.  We got there and the place was virtually empty. We went go to rain forest and orchid display that is currently going on (warm, humid, sub tropical.  AKA Michelle weather). Front row parking at the Garden.  Cool. So, it was a great day today.