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Lakeside Park

Colorado is home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the US.  Lakeside Park. The park is still family owned and operated since it opened in 1908.  Yes, 1908. The park is in shambles, broken down and half the rides don't work.  Who cares?  It is a cool place to go and photograph. Uh, speaking of photographing the park.  We got stopped by some lady who worked at the park and told us that we needed to pay approximately $100 to photograph the park.  WTF?  Never heard of that before.  I guess they send an employee with you for about an hour and give you a little tour.  Well, considering that only cost us about $7.00 to get into the park we thought it was a little ridiculous to pay almost $200 for the both of us.  We said that we understand and will not take anymore pictures.  It is okay to take a picture of family or friends in front of the ride but not of the buildings.  As soon as she left, we continued to take pictures.  Guess that we will never go back.

Colorado National Monument & Rifle State Park

We took a nice for day weekend and visited the western part of the state.  Colorado National Monument is the Grand Canyon of Colorado and Rifle State Park is just plain cool. 

Denver Zoo

What?  Another annual pass to a Colorado attraction?  Yep, sure you betcha! We have two zoos close to our location.  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Denver Zoo.  Both zoos are great but we are much closer to the Denver Zoo (and we have an annual pass). A couple few years ago we took a photography class at Mike's camera and we got to go into the zoo two hours before it opened to the general public.  That was cool. Unfortunately, these are not those pictures but they are equally as good if not better.  Well, since the earlier pictures are not in this blog, you have nothing to compare them to so you will just have to take my word for it. These pictures were taken in January 2018 on a nice unseasonably warm day.

Butterfly Pavilion

Well, I am not as caught up on my posting as I would like to be.  We have done so much and been so many places that there doesn't seem like enough hours in a day to do everything that I would like to do with the photos.  Let alone write about them. When we get back from a day of shooting we will upload the pictures, spend a lot of time going through them then editing, posting to SmugMug and Instagram (and a VERY occasional Facebook post - I hate Facebook and all that it stands for).  I don't know how people can do that shit all fucking day long.  It would drive me nuts.  Yes, I haven't seen people from high school since high school and I really don't feel the need to keep up with them anymore.  What am I going to say to them?  Hi, how are you?  You've been married three times?  Just got out of prison huh?  That's a shame that you still live with your mother.  AIDs?  Bummer dude.  See what I mean.  If I didn't like you then, I won't like you now.  Now,

Denver Botanic Gardens (Fall 2017)

Another Denver attraction...another annual pass. We can't seem to get enough of the Denver Botanic Gardens.  The place changes with the seasons. These first few pictures were taken in September 2017.  I am pretty happy with my shots.  Of course, I did a "little tweaking" in Adobe Lightroom before posting them to my SmugMug account. You can see a lot more of the Botanic Gardens as well as other places in Colorado by clicking   Erich's Colorado Shots My family came out a month later and we took here as well.  It was a great visit since they were showcasing life-size artwork of the El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skeletons.  Quite awesome to say the least. And finally, we went back during the Christmas Holidays for the Blossom of Lights

Castlewood Canyon State Park (August 2017)

We are trying to make the most of our annual Colorado State Park Pass by visiting as many parks as we can.  There are a total of 26 in the state.  Well the ones close enough for a day trip.  We have about 19 more to go. Castlewood Park is a nice park for the scenery.  Not too impressed with the hiking trails though. The remnants of the dam are still there (see picture below).  The dam burst back in 1933 resulting in a 15' wave that reached downtown Denver. Hiking path alongside Cherry Creek Flowers (duh) Cherry Creek Cherry Creek The Dam That Burst in 1933

Practice Pack For Greece

Well, we booked our trip to Greece, Crete, Albania and Macedonia.  Seems like an eternity away. Time to start practice packing the carry on backpack that contains all of our camera stuff as well as emergency clothes and toiletries. How many cameras should I bring?  How many do I have is the better question. Let's see, I have a Nikon D500 (best camera, EVER) for my semi professional work.  A Sony A6000 for semi, semi professional results (second best camera, EVER).  I use the Sony a lot especially when I am too lazy to carry the heavy D500 around.  For the most part, I use it when taking a hike (which is quite frequent by the way).  Lastly, I have a Fuji XP120.  The Fuji I can just stuff in my pocket and go anywhere.  The camera is waterproof so it would be good to have when visiting a country during the wet season (hello Guatemala).  I won't be going scuba diving anytime soon so don't hold your breath for a review. In addition to the cameras, I have a small as

Mount Galbraith

Another day... another hike.  We found another trail that takes you up Mt Galbraith in Golden, CO. A pretty good hike with a lot of rocky trails and great views. The trailhead was a little busier than we like and we had to park about a half mile away from the main parking lot. We will get an earlier start next time. 

Past World Travels

I originally started this blog to document our world travels. I have yet to do so.  I am making a promise to myself to keep a journal on our next trip so I can update my blog in a semi real-time fashion. Since we can only post while we have an internet connection, it could be days before posting updates.  By the way, we booked our next summer vacation:  Greece with a pre-trip to Crete. We will be visiting the northern part of Greece for a month. We will also be visiting Macedonia and Albania.  With that being said, you’ll have to settle for pictures from our past trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Morocco, Peru etc.