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Walkthrough Tomorrow

Are we excited that the walkthrough is tomorrow? Not really…..why you ask? Let me explain.

I went by the house today and found that the house has not been cleaned up. There are soda cans, water bottles, dirt, carpet debris, dust (a lot of dust) on the counters, window sills, filthy windows and mirrors. It looks like my family came to visit for a couple of days. You must understand that it only takes my family (mom excluded) to destroy and perfectly clean house in a matter of hours.

They say that a pictures is worth a thousand words….unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. I had my iPhone but was too pissed. Since I don’t have any pictures to show you, I will be forced to use a thousand words.

Here is the email that I sent to Courtney (our beloved sales girl):


We are really concerned that we might not close on the property on August 8th.  

Since Xcel Energy has not restored the power to the house, we will be forced to do a “limited walkthrough” tomorrow and a more thorough follow up once power has been restored.  If Xcel takes another few days to restore power, the ability to do the in-depth walkthrough will also be delayed and of course, this will delay the crew responsible for fixing any issues that we find.  I am sure that they will require the allotted seven days to resolve any issues.

So with that being said, it bothers me that the Xcel power problem is not a new issue and that Richmond American Homes has been aware of this for at least three weeks.  One June 21st, you sent us an email of the walkthrough and closing date.  Since both of us have been working off of these dates, somebody should have been on top of this to ensure that the power would be restored prior to the walkthrough.   

Since we were not notified of any issues (until today) we have used these dates in our plans to move.  

Our landlord has somebody moving in on August 10th so we must close on August 8th.  We are too close to the date to extend our stay here.  

Finally, I can understand the carpet could not be vacuumed without power but power is not required to pickup soda cans, water bottles or clean out the shower and tubs.  From what I can tell, water is running.  When I walked through the house today I was a little disgusted knowing that walkthrough is tomorrow and the house is filthy.  The carpenters were using generators for their nail guns and sanders.  I feel that they could also be used to power the vacuum.  

If the condition of the house had not been brought to your attention, would we even have done a “walkthrough” tomorrow?

Erich & Michelle

Okay, it is not a thousand words. In fact, it is about half (my word count shows 494 no, 496…damn it! Now it says 503…


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