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Bike Ride (Finally)

We took our bikes in for service last weekend to a place called Derby Bicycles here in Thornton. Besides my bike having a flat tire, jacked up chain, derailer issues, loose bolts and rubbing tires everything was fine. Michelle’s bike was in much better shape.

I guess now would be a good time to mention that we didn’t have a way to get the bikes to the bicycle store so we went to the bicycle store and bought a bike rack for Michelle’s Jeep Wrangler so we could go home, install the rack and then take the bikes to the store.

The bike rack is cool. It mounts on the spare tire of the Jeep. Sorry no picture. Just too lazy right now to go an open the garage (for better light) and take a picture. You can always go to Not sure if that is the correct URL but they made the rack so it should at least get you close. For all I know, it could be a porn site.

Anyway, to make a long story short, for $99.99 (each) we got the bikes turned up. Derby Bicycles did an awesome job tuning them up. Of course, I had to buy a new chain and an inner tube (Michelle needed one too) and pay for additional labor to put them on. So what should have been $198.98 came out to $304.00 Regardless, the bikes are better than new. They run quieter and the gears shift without making noise and actually work.

We took a ten mile bike ride this afternoon.

While on the Signal Ditch trail, it reminded us of the Iron Horse Trail in California. We were Jones’ for a Jamba Juice since we usually would stop in Walnut Creek for one after our ride.

Low and behold, we have a new Jamba Juice conveniently located at the five mile mark.




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